Y-PEER Workshop at PDC

The Department of Youth and Sports under the Ministry of Education is conducting a three-day Capacity Development Workshop on Y-PEER at the Professional Development Centre, Tsirang. The workshop aims to develop the capacity of the Resident Coordinators, Provost and Youth Center Managers to deal with issues affecting the lives of young people in the colleges and institutions in a more professional manner. The focus of the workshop is on Sexual Reproduction Health Rights (SRHR) and related issues faced by young people. Continue reading “Y-PEER Workshop at PDC”

Indo-Bhutan Training on ‘Big Data and Data Analytics’

33 officials of RAA are currently undergoing training on ‘Big Data and Data Analytics’ at Professional Development Center, Tsirang. Recognizing the importance of Data Analytics in the field of Auditing, the course was found necessary and designed to enable auditors to understand the fundamentals of Data Analytics and develop hands-on skills using IDEA, KNIME, Tableau, and MS Excel as some of the software available for data analysis while auditing. Continue reading “Indo-Bhutan Training on ‘Big Data and Data Analytics’”