Training on Effective Follow-up of Reports

Thirteen officials of RAA are currently attending the Training on “Effective Follow-up of Reports” which is being held at Professional Development Centre, Tsirang facilitated by three experienced senior officials of the RAA. The training was commenced on 29 July 2019 with the opening session graced by the Assistant Auditor General of the Office of the Assistant Auditor General, Tsirang.

The participants will be familiarized on the newly developed Follow-up Guidelines of the RAA which was launched on 8 July 2019 and impart hands-on training on follow-up of Annual Audit Report with practical case studies. The training agenda also includes the method of interest calculation on the audit recoveries, record keeping of the audit recoveries that are not credited into Audit Recovery Accounts, Audit Information Management System (AIMS) and eZotine. At the end of the training, the participants will develop SOPs and Annual Plan for the Follow-up Division of RAA head office and the Follow-up Sections of four Regional Offices.

Follow-up is a main tool of the RAA to ensure that audit issues are timely and sufficiently addressed by the audited agencies and accountable officials. It also enables the RAA to keep track of all unresolved audit issues and provide Audit Clearance service to the general public.

The training will conclude on 31 July 2019.