Capacity Development Training on Data Analytics

Three-day capacity development training on Data Analytics began today at PDC, Tsirang. The main objective of conducting such a training is to build adequate knowledge and skills on fundamentals of data analytics which has gain paramount importance in a rapidly changing and data driven environment.

The paper based record keeping are being replaced by uses of wide range of IT tools and technology in their business processes and everything is connected and every single communication of information is recorded as ‘data’. In the process, it generates massive volumes of data, commonly known as Big Data. Hence, Auditors need to be aware of such developments as far as the availability of information is concerned. The recent initiative of Ministry of Finance to introduce e-Payment System is another paradigm shift in the country.

During the three days course, it is expected to cover the fundamentals of data analytics in line with ISSAIs of Analytical Procedure and key features of IDEA software and MS-Excel. After availing the training, the participants are expected to perform analytical procedure using IDEA software and MS-EXCEL to the extent that it is in compliant to ISSAI 1520.

The Program Director graced the opening of the training and reminded the participants to make best use of available resources to get equipped with software and application. He emphasized that the participants must remain inquisitive and keep exploring and using the tools on a day-to-day basis.

The training is part of annual capacity development programme 2019-2020