Hon’ble Auditor General visits Professional Development Centre, Tsirang

Hon’ble Dasho and team visited the Professional Development Centre (PDC) and the Office of the Assistant Auditor General (OAAG), Tsirang from 3-4 December 2020. The team toured the PDC campus and granted audience to the officials and staff of the two offices.

During audience with PDC, Dasho advised the management and its staff to strive towards becoming a self-sustaining institute through quality services at all times. Dasho urged them to initiate measures to refurbish the facilities to its original form, and insisted on maintaining constant upkeep of the facilities as one would maintain his/her own home.

Dasho also graced the closing ceremony of the Upgraded AIMS User’s Training and commended the efforts taken by the project team to upgrade the AIMS, and shared his good wishes in launching the system for bringing efficiency in audit services.

To the audit engagement teams of OAAG, Tsirang, Dasho advised them on conducting audit assignment with resolute professionalism while maintaining required composure. He also shared concerns on risk of compromising the principle of auditing without fear, favor and prejudice due to emerging issues.

The team also visited Tsirang Rabdey and offered prayers for the well-being of RAA fraternity.

The visit to Professional Development Centre was Dasho’s first official tour after the assuming the post of the Auditor General of Bhutan.