Refresher course on compliance audit

The Royal Audit Authority is organising a refresher course on ‘ISSAIs based Compliance Audit’ for 46 auditors as part of the RAA’s capacity enhancement plan under ISSAI Implementation project. The refresher course will disseminate knowledge and rich experience gained by the Pilot audit teams to fellow auditors. The knowledge and experience sharing is expected to bring consistency and uniformity in practices throughout the Divisions & Regions. The course also aims to build confidence among teams, and strives for continued learning by using the draft Compliance Audit Guidelines 2018. Considering the practical experience and knowledge gained by mentors and pilot audit teams, the course is designed, delivered and facilitated by RAA’s in-house experts at the RAA’s Professional Development Centre in Tsirang. The five-day training from 24 to 28 December, 2018 is funded by the World Bank.