Dzongkha Translation Training at Professional Development Centre, Tsirang

The RAA conducted 5-day ‘Dzongkha Translation Training’ for seven officials with academic background in both English and Dzongkha. The main objective of the training was to create a pool of Dzongkha translators to meet the rising demand and expectation of stakeholders. The Royal Audit Authority is required to submit all Auditor Generals’ Reports to the Parliament in both Dzongkha and English for proper deliberation and recommendations.

The training was delivered by Mr. Ugyen Dorji, external expert from Dzongkha Development Commission and facilitated by Mr. Sangay Penjor, Senior Dzongkha Coordinator of the RAA. It covered hand-on practical sessions on translation of the Annual Audit Reports and Performance Audit Reports as well as the following topics:

  • Dzongkha policies – The course highlighted on the importance of the national language incorporating the policies and the strategic plans initiated by the Dzongkha Development Commission in developing and standardization of our national language.
  • Basic Word Order – Importance of the basic word order and the subject verb agreement in the universal languages were highlighted giving emphasis on the Source Language (English) and Target Language (Dzongkha); and
  • Translation tools – In order to smoothen the task of translation and keep abreast with the ever growing technological features in the language world, detailed aspects of ‘Dzongkha Unicode’ installation till configuration were covered during the course; and
  • Others – Besides the aforementioned lessons, the course also highlighted on the different types of local dialects in Bhutan, types of translations, terminologies and tips for translation.

Mr. Ugyen Dorji, Deputy Auditor General, DFRHRM, graced the closing session and awarded the Certificate of Participation to all participants. He said that the event marked the beginning of actualizing the dreams of owning the Centre to help steer auditing systems to a new direction and greater heights of achievements. The Centre will remain a platform to learn, re-learn, and embrace highest level of professionalism. He urged the participants to make effective use of the skills and knowledge gained from the training to add values and benefits to life of citizens through delivery of audit services.

The training was conducted at the RAA’s Professional Development Centre (PDC) in Tsirang and is the first formal training to be organized after it was successfully inaugurated on 1 November 2018. The training course from 19 -23 November 2018 was funded by the Austrian Development Agency Project.