NLCS conducts eSakor Training and Conference at PDC

The National Land Commission Secretariat is organizing a 10-day training and conference on eSakor system at the Royal Audit Authority’s Professional Development Centre in Tsirang from 11-19 January 2018. 150 participants are being trained on Rural eSakor for four days and 180 participants are being trained on Urban eSakor for three days. 200 participants from around the country will attend the conference on the last two days.

The NLCS’s ‘eSakor’ is an integrated land information service portal and has two parts, one for rural land transactions and one for urban land transactions. The Rural eSaKor aims to create access to land information from remote offices like Gewogs and Dzongkhags. The Urban eSakor is designed for urban areas and are currently functional in the four Thromdes of Thimphu, Phuntsholing, Gelephu and Samdrupjongkhar.

The Rural e-Sakor system was developed by the National Land Commission in close collaboration with the Swedesurvey AB of Sweden. The Urban e-Sakor was cloned from rural e-Sakor and developed by a local consultant firm Athang. The system is capable of processing land transaction in its entirety, with maps and scanned copies of legal documents, as well as generate historical information of transactions. The National Cadastral Resurvey Programme (NCRP) will soon be integrated with the eSaKor and launched so that land transactions can now be processed online from anywhere in the world.