Audit Planning Workshop for Bhutanese Audit Firms started at PDC

A three-day workshop on Audit Planning started at PDC today for Bhutanese audit firms. It is aimed to provide participants with clear and common understanding of Audit Planning and subsequent audit processes. Participants will share knowledge and views of their audit approaches and discuss the international standards ISSAI-based audit planning adopted by RAA in order to achieve common audit approaches within the firms.

The opening session of the workshop was graced by the Hon’ble Auditor General where Dasho highlighted the importance of audit planning and measures taken to ensure proper planning in RAA. Dasho also stressed on auditing without fear, favor and prejudice; and highlighted on logistical arrangements initiated in RAA so as not to compromise ethics and integrity by having to depend on audited entities. Dasho encouraged active knowledge sharing to have an enriching learning experience.

There are 14 participants attending the workshop who are the CEOs and representatives of eight privately owned Bhutanese audit firms.

The workshop which is the first collaborative capacity development initiative will conclude on 30th June 2021.