Training on Climate Smart Agriculture Technologies

The four day training on Climate Smart Agriculture Technologies with the fund support from Green Climate Fund Project started yesterday at Professional Development Centre (PDC), Tsirang.

The training was conducted with the following objectives:

  • Train field staff on current Climate Smart Agriculture Technologies.
  • Review on available Smart Agriculture Technologies; benefits, set-backs and way-forwards.
  • Initiate development of Strategies and Frame works for Climate Smart Technologies developed by Agriculture Research and Development Centre (ARDC) Bajo.

The training is organized by ARDC Bajo and attended by 21 participants from ARDC Bajo, ARDSC, Menchhuna, Tsirang, Assistant Dzongkhag Agriculture Officers from Punakha, Tsirang, Dagana and extension Officer from Wangdue. Climate Fund (GCF) Project Dzongkhags of the West-Central Region.

The training will highlight Climate Change Impacts on agriculture such as pest and diseases incidence due to climate change, and effects of crop production owing to climate change. The researchers will also present on different available climate smart technologies such as rice husk biochar, rice bran bokashi, protected cultivation, their importance in crop production, and through group, climate change induced challenges in agriculture will be identified followed by discussion on the way-forward to solve the identified challenges.

A field visit to ARDSC-Menchhuna will be made to see some of the climate smart inputs and technologies.

The training is scheduled to conclude on the 9th of September 2021.