Construction Audit Training for Internal Auditors – Batch I concluded

Capacity development program on Construction Audit for Internal Auditors concluded on 15th October 2021.

The closing ceremony was graced by Hon’ble Auditor General where the participants were awarded the Certificates of Participation. Prior to that, Dasho conducted an awareness program on Royal Audit Authority presenting the institute’s history, mandates, and roles and responsibilities as an oversight body. Dasho highlighted the “fraud triangle” through an anecdote and explained reasons for an individual’s decision to commit fraud. He pointed out a focus area for intervention as internal auditors so that people getting entrapped in the “fraud triangle” can be prevented.

Dasho also shared his will to support internal auditors in capacity building by including the internal auditors in RAA’s capacity development programs such as in-house training and induction programs.

The training program is a collaborative capacity development effort between the Ministry of Finance and the Royal Audit Authority.