Training on Government Financial System and Auditing for Staff of UN Agencies and CSO partners.

A five day Capacity Development Program on Government Financial System and Auditing for the Staff of UN Agencies and CSO partners funded by UNICEF started today at the Professional Development Centre. It is aimed to enhance Staff of UN Agencies and CSO partners with capacity development on Government financial system and Auditing.

The two resource persons are the Audit Officers from the Royal Audit Authority who will touch upon the following topics:

  • Overview of the Financial Rules and Regulations (FRR,2016) of government;
  • Government budgeting process (milestones, budget structure, Budget Cycle, budgeting process and budget management);
  • Budgetary Reforms;
  • MYRB system demo;
  • Financial Management and Accounting;
  • Release of fund (Types of release, budget timeline and Budget Release Forecast (BRF);
  • Introduction to Procurement Rules & Regulation 2019;
  • Procurement Thresholds, Methods and Processes;
  • Evaluation of bids and award;
    Electronic Government Procurement System (eGP);
  • Introduction to Auditing (Importance of audit);
  • Types of Audit (Financial, Performance & Compliance audit);
  • Familiarization on audit Standards & Manuals;
  • Audit Process (Audit planning & documentation);
  • Audit Process (Audit execution and documentation);
  • Audit Process (Audit reporting & documentation);
  • Experience sharing on audit findings; and Audit Follow-up and audit recoveries.

The training is scheduled to conclude on 10th June 2022.