Capacity development program on Procurement and Civil Works Audit

A ten-day capacity development program on Procurement and Civil Works Audit started today at PDC.

The training is aimed to equip/reinforce auditors with knowledge and skills of procurement and construction audit in order for RAA and Internal Auditors to provide highly reasonable assurances on the public works executed in the country. The course will cover the following sessions:

  • Concept and understanding of construction;
  • Stages of constructions;
  • Evaluation & award of work;
  • Concept and understanding of Architectural and structural Drawings;
  • Familiarization on built up items from BSR & SBRW;
  • Practical on non-structural items (EW,SS,PCC,RCC & RRM)
  • Quantification of departmentally executed RCC works, Form Works, Brick Walls, MSS trusses etc. which comprises rate analysis, quantification of material consumptions, machine hours, and man-days;
  • Practical sessions and physical verification at site; and
  • Preparation of physical verification reports and Finalization of Audit Findings.

In the opening session of the program, the Program Director welcomed the participants and opened the training highlighting the significance of construction audit and the role of auditors in improving public services in construction sector in addition to financial recoveries, through high quality audit results such as Annual Audit Report and AG’s Advisory Series. He also urged the participants to share experiences and ideas and participate actively for a meaningful and memorable learning experience.

The training is being attended by 15 Auditors from the Royal Audit Authority and 7 Internal Auditors from the Bhutan Power Corporation Limited.

The program is scheduled to conclude on 26th August 2022.