Capacity Development Program on Drafting Audit Findings and Preparing Audit Reports

A five days capacity development program on Drafting Audit Findings and Preparing Audit Reports started today at the Professional Development Centre. The program is aimed to equip auditors with knowledge, skills and techniques to determine the audit processes and identify key elements of audit findings to the extent that it complies with RAA’s respective auditing manuals and standards.

The course will have following sessions to achieve its learning objective:

  • Audit and audit process;
  • Audit findings and its elements;
  • Drafting RAA’s further comments;
  • Preparing Audit Report; and
  • Structural requirement of the report and assigning category code.

The Program Director of the institute welcomed the participants and opened the training highlighting the importance of Drafting Audit Findings and Preparing Audit Reports. He urged all participants to participate actively for fruitful learning which can be shared to their teams and colleagues.

Nineteen Auditors from RAA HQ and Regional Offices are attending the course. The training is funded by Austrian Development Agency and scheduled to conclude on 25th November 2022.