Capacity Development program on Performance Audit

A three-day capacity development program on Performance Audit began today at the Professional Development Centre, Tsirang.

The course will have following sessions to achieve its learning objectives:
• Overview of Performance Audit;
• Selecting Performance Audit Topics;
• Understanding the Subject Matter;
• Formulate Audit Objectives and Scopes;
• Setting Audit Criteria;
• Audit Evidence;
• Prepare Audit Findings Matrix;
• Deriving Audit Conclusions; and
• Formulating Audit Recommendations

The Program Director of the institute welcomed the participants and opened the training highlighting the Performance Audit in the current scenario.

Thirteen Auditors from RAA HQ and Regional Offices, four Integrity Officers from Anti-Corruption Commission and two Internal Auditors from TashiCell are attending the course. The training is funded by Government of India and scheduled to conclude on 15th February 2023.