Phase II – Induction Program for New Recruits 2023

The month long Phase II – Induction Program for New Recruits 2023 began yesterday at the Professional Development Centre (PDC), Tsirang. This program is in continuation to the Phase I – Induction Program for New Recruits 2023 conducted at the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) Head Quarter in January 2023.

The program is focused on enhancing competency of the new recruits and will cover the following topics by various Resource Persons:
i) Financial Audit – (ISSAI requirements and process – in detail);
ii) Interpretation of Financial Statements including expressing audit opinion;
iii) Driglam Namzha;
iv) Audit of Public Procurement including e-Government Procurement (e-GP);
v) Works/Construction Audit (Foundation);
vi) Common lapses and findings (including Public Procurement Review Report and experience sharing of past audits); and
vii) RAA’s Audit Information Management System (AIMS).

Along with the above program additional co-curricular activities such as Sowai Luejong, Social work, Games & Sports, trekking and weekend activities for site visits will be organized for the new recruits.

The Program Director opened the program sharing PDC’s Housekeeping & ICT Rules and Regulations and highlighting on the importance of the program to new recruits as they start their career with the RAA. The Program Director encouraged the new recruits for active participation in both classroom and outdoor activities and wish all recruits safe and enjoyable stay at PDC. The new recruits consist of eight Assistant Audit Officers and one Assistant Planning Officer. The training program which will conclude on 17th May 2023.