Participants Corner

PDC effect!

Training of Food inspector.

“Very satisfied. The training infrastructure and environment is very conducive for me to learn and participate effectively……”

Please do advertise about the facilities, which will encourage many to conduct training, workshop and conference in Tsirang instead of Paro, Punakha and Thimphu only.

– Training of Food inspector on FBD Surveillance, BAFRA, MoAF

Big Data Training
“PDC away from home more like sweet home.”

– Big Data and Data Analytics Training, RAA

Digital Literacy Training

“Suitable Learning Centre with good campus”

Excellent atmosphere.

– Digital Literacy Training, MoIC/DITT/Tsirang Dzongkhag

e-PEMS Training
“PDC is an example of design thinking.”

Training on IAFS, RAA
“Even though there is sufficient recreational facilities, PDC can develop a Futsal court. This would benefit the trainees as they would not have to travel to Damphu to play football.

– Training on Interpretation and Analysis of Financial Statements, RAA

YPEER Coordination Meeting

“…very disturbing to see that new infrastructure is already having plumbing problems.”

“Impressive campus, ideal for meeting & conference and also for retreats.”

– YPEER Coordination Meeting, MoE

ToT on PA Guidelines
“…Operation of essential items shop within the campus would help the guests as the town is far off from PDC…”

– ToT on PA Guidelines & Quality Assurance Improvement Program, MoF

In order to streamline and strengthen the functions of Y-PEER Networks based in Tertiary Colleges and Technical Training Institutes, a 2-day coordination meeting with the representatives of Colleges and TTIs was convened at the RAA Professional Development Center in Damphu, Tsirang from 27th – 28th September 2019.
16th Audit Conference – Group Photo
16th Audit Conference – Closing
Adolescent health meeting, Ministry of Health
RCSC Conference
Electronic Government Procurement System (e-GP) Training
Education Sector Tsirang Dzongkhag – 21st Century Digital Pedagogy
Max DEO Meeting