The Professional Development Centre consists of one main academic building with three hostel blocks (Takin Block, Raven Block & Yeti Block), a Management block,  three VVIP Suite (Rhododendron, Blue Poppy & Marigold Suite), a Dining hall and a Kitchen.

Takin Residence has 20 rooms (single bed) and attached bathroom. Raven Residence has 20 rooms with twin beds and attached bathroom. Yeti Residence is a self catering unit with cooking facilities.  It consist of four units each with three rooms, common sitting room, bath room and toilet and a kitchen. There are three Executive suites, each with two bed rooms, sitting room and kitchen cum dining room.

Raven Residence
Takin Residence Yeti Residence Management Block
Executive Block

PDC Bird Eye View – Day

PDC Bird Eye View – Night