Objective of centre

Objective of Centre

As one of the Constitutional Bodies, the RAA has always attached great importance to remain relevant and add VALUE AND BENIFITS to the citizens through continuous professional development of human resources and timely delivery of audit services. In order to respond to rising expectations of the stakeholders, it is imperative to continuously engage in upgrading, re-skilling and ensuring dynamism in a fast changing and interdependent world. Accordingly, the Centre has four main objectives:

  • To ensure continuous professional development of auditors through various in-house and in-country trainings, workshops, etc. on topical subjects;
  • To train people from external agencies in various streams of Public Accountability and help promote good governance;
  • To liaise with other national and international agencies and impart Professional Development Courses on common areas of concern; and
  • To cater to capacity development programmes organized by external stakeholders (both national and international).