Induction Program for the new recruits of Royal Audit Authority


An induction program is a critical process for effective integration of new recruits into an organization. Recognizing its importance, the Royal Audit Authority has been giving due emphasis in conducting the program in a professional manner. There is a long history of induction program being conducted yearly for two weeks so our new recruits are acclimatized to our working environment and culture, and different roles within the organization.

Since the two week program was not very effective in our new recruit’s orientation, 207th HRGC meeting resolved to institute a two to three months structured course for the new recruits of RAA, along with a mentoring programme.

This Induction Program for New Recruits of RAA is developed so that it will be conducted professionally to ensure its pay-off and bring positive change to the Royal Audit Authority.

Purpose of the Induction Program

A well-designed induction programs can significantly increase the competency of new employees, and make them more productive in a shorter period of time. Taking due cognizance of its effectiveness, the Induction Program will be designed mainly focusing on building certain key competencies of our new recruits to enable RAA conduct Public Sector Audit effectively.

Course Overview

The Induction Program is aimed at building key competencies required in our auditors to conduct three types of audit effectively.

The Induction Program is aimed at building key competencies of our new recruits to enable them to conduct public sector audit effectively.  The key competencies are the specific knowledge and skills required for the three types of audit – Financial Audit, Compliance Audit and Performance Audit.

The training needs analysis (scheduled to be complete by the first week of December) of the Competency based Framework for Auditors will be used for identification of key subjects for the two domains.

Before delving into the key competencies, the new recruits will be introduced with the Role of RAA in Promoting Good Governance which will include subjects on where RAA stands as an organization in our country’s governance structure, the purpose of RAA’s existence, and the value-and-benefits we provide to the society.

In-house training programme

With the fast changing global environment and digitalization affecting all sphere of activity, it requires the RAA as an oversight body to prepare for emerging challenges and aptly respond to changes. The in-house capacity development program conducted annually aims to keep our auditors updated and be abreast of the changing trends in auditing to ensure relevant and timely audit services to our stakeholders.

Internal & External Training 

The Professional Development Centre (PDC) conducts frequent internal training for auditors including internal auditors.

The PDC also hosts external training for agencies.