Induction Program for the new recruits of Royal Audit Authority


An induction program is a critical process for effective integration of new recruits into an organization. Recognizing its importance, the Royal Audit Authority has been giving due emphasis in conducting the program in a professional manner. There is a long history of induction program being conducted yearly for two weeks so our new recruits are acclimatized to our working environment and culture, and different roles within the organization.

Since the two week program was not very effective in our new recruit’s orientation, 207th HRGC meeting resolved to institute a two to three months structured course for the new recruits of RAA, along with a mentoring programme.

This Induction Program for New Recruits of RAA is developed so that it will be conducted professionally to ensure its pay-off and bring positive change to the Royal Audit Authority.

Purpose of the Induction Program

A well-designed induction programs can significantly increase the competency of new employees, and make them more productive in a shorter period of time. Taking due cognizance of its effectiveness, the Induction Program will be designed mainly focusing on building certain key competencies of our new recruits to enable RAA conduct Public Sector Audit effectively.

Course Overview

The Induction Program is aimed at building key competencies required in our auditors to conduct three types of audit effectively.

The Induction Program is aimed at building key competencies of our new recruits to enable them to conduct public sector audit effectively.  The key competencies are the specific knowledge and skills required for the three types of audit – Financial Audit, Compliance Audit and Performance Audit.

The training needs analysis (scheduled to be complete by the first week of December 2020) of the Competency based Framework for Auditors will be used for identification of key subjects for the two domains.

Before delving into the key competencies, the new recruits will be introduced with the Role of RAA in Promoting Good Governance which will include subjects on where RAA stands as an organization in our country’s governance structure, the purpose of RAA’s existence, and the value-and-benefits we provide to the society.

Induction Program 2021 in pictures

In-house training program

With the fast changing global environment and digitalization affecting all sphere of activity, it requires the RAA as an oversight body to prepare for emerging challenges and aptly respond to changes. The in-house capacity development program conducted annually aims to keep our auditors updated and be abreast of the changing trends in auditing to ensure relevant and timely audit services to our stakeholders.

List of internal training conducted

Sl. No.Course/TrainingDurationTotal Heads
1Translation Training19-23 Nov 20189
2Refresher course on ISSAIs based compliance Audit24-28 Dec 201847
3Hydro Power Audit Training19-21 Feb 201956
4Workshop on revision of Environmental Audit Guidelines25-29 Mar 20198
5Indo- Bhutan Training on Data Analytics08-12 Apr 201935
6Financial Audit ISSAI Implementation Handbook13-17 May 201912
7Course Design05-07 Jul 20198
83rd AAG’s Meet05-06 Jul 201922
916 Audit Conference08-12 Jul 2019230
10ISSAI Based Performance Audit15-17 Jul 201917
11ISSAI Based Financial Audit15-17 Jul 2019130
12Training on Effective Follow-up of Reports29-31 Jul 201917
13Developing of Rules & Procedures between RAA & PAC26-28 Aug 20194
14Interpretation & Analysis of Financial Statements26-30 Aug 201943
15Construction Audit09-13 Sep 201943
16IT Auditing Training28-30 Oct 201926
17Data Analytics Training04-06 Nov 201923
18AAG’s Plan Meet13-16 Jan 202020
19Quality Control and Assurance Workshop17 Jan 202020
20AIMS Upgradation Workshop13-18 Jan 20206
21Understanding & Analysis of Financial Statement/ RAA HQ Thimphu08 Oct 202027
22User Training on AIMS upgradation/ RAA Thimphu-1st Batch23-27 Nov 202018
23User Training on AIMS upgradation/ RAA Thimphu-2nd Batch30-04 Dec 202020
24Workshop on Compliance Audit Guidelines08-12 Dec 20205
25Induction Program for New Recruits of RAA15 Feb-16 April 202115
26Performance Management System 05-17 May 20215
27Understanding and Analysis of FSs (including Forming Audit Opinion)19-23 April 202115
28Drafting Audit Findings24-28 May 202114
29Capacity Development Program on Office Management31 May-4 June 202111
30ARMS Follow-up Training07-11 June 202116
31Risk Assessment & Audit Sampling16-19 June 202120
3217th Annual Audit Conference 21-25 June 202174
33Audit Planning for Bhutanese Audit Firms28-30 June 202114
34Training of Facilitators - Batch I & II19 July-07 Aug 202114

List of external trainings hosted

Sl. No.AgencyCourse/TrainingDurationTotal Heads
1Ministry of Finance, DNPe-GP03-05 Dec 201832
2Ministry of Finance, DNBIFMIS stake holder workshop03-05 Dec 201823
3Druk Holding InvestmentRetreat12-13 Dec 201844
4National Land Commission eSakor11-19 Jan 2019200
5Ministry of HealthQA Review meeting28-30 Jan 201955
6Bhutan National Legal InstituteADR (Mediation) Training7-9 Feb 201980
7Ministry of Finance, DPAe-Payment (TOT)11-15 Feb 201920
8RCSC HR Conference25-28 Feb 2019103
9Ministry of FinanceInternal Auditors Training04-08 Mar 201914
10RCSC Executive forum04-08 Mar 201919
11Election Commission of BhutanLearning from experience programme11 Mar 201933
12Ministry of HealthMidwifery standard training for health workers18-19 Mar 201926
13Department of Youth & Sports, MoECapacity Development Workshop (Y-PEER)9-11 Apr 201933
14Ministry of EducationManaging for Excellence (MAX) IWP2021-04-1623
15Ministry of FinanceePEMS15-19 Apr 201965
16Ministry of FinanceePEMS22-26 Apr 201969
17Ministry of FinanceePEMS29-03 May 201965
18Ministry of FinanceePEMS06-10 May 201962
19Ministry of FinanceePEMS13-17 May 201968
20Ministry of FinanceePEMS20-24 May 201959
21Ministry of FinanceePEMS27-31 May 201948
22Ministry of FinanceePEMS03-07 Jun 201951
23Ministry of FinanceePEMS10-14 Jun 201927
24Ministry of HealthTo review and finalize the “standard Operating Procedure to Mass Casualty Management on Scene25-27 Apr 2019 10
25NLCSTech SoP finalization29-11 May 201910
26Ministry of HealthMalaria Elimination web-based reporting system in DHIS 206-07 May 201919
27Royal Civil Service CommissionRetirement Planning Workshop16-17 May 201996
28Agriculture Resource Development Centre, MoAFWorkshop27-31 May 201920
29Emergency Medical Obstetrice Neonatal Care, MoHAnnual EmONC focal persons meeting03-05 Jun 201960
30Ministry of HealthNational Standard on Adolescent friendly Health Services04-07 Jun 201930
31Election Commission of BhutanCapacity Building and Brainstorming Session07-08 Jun 201990
32Ministry of Education21st Century Digital Pedagogy10-11 Jun 201924
33Ministry of HealthReproductive health program11-14 Jun 201935
34Ministry of Finance Training on eGP24-25 Jun 201930
35Rigde Maga Guru ChhoetshokAnnual Board Conference13-14 Jul 201976
36Ministry of AgricultureForest & Nature Conservation Bill 20192019-07-1550
37ARDC, Bajo, MoAFAnnual Report Write-up Workshop22-24 Jul 201914
38Ministry of Finance (Internal Auditor)Training on Performance Audit Guidelines & TOT on quality Assurance Improvement Program29-2 Aug 201936
39Royal Bhutan Police, TsirangMeeting2019-08-2117
40Ministry of EducationFinancial Management Process in Central School2019-08-3026
41Ministry of Health5th Biannual Health Conference17-20 Sep 2019 250
42Ministry of EducationY-PEER Coordination Meeting14-15 Oct 201944
43Ministry of Agriculture & ForestsTraining of Food inspector on FBD Survillance (BAFRA)27-28 Sep 201925
44Ministry of EducationPrincipal’s Conference04-05 Nov 201928
45RCSCMindfulness Retreat Program18-22 Nov 201927
46Ministry of EducationConsultation & Orientation National Education Assessment Framework2019-11-2542
47Ministry of HealthToT on International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11)25-30 Nov 201919
48Ministry of HealthNational Roll out training on Sprinkles20-21 Nov 201927
49MoIC/DITT/Tsirang DzongkhagDigital Literacy Training03-07 Feb 201921
50Ministry of EducationAnnual Review Meeting (Youth Center Division-DYS)15-17 Feb 202026
51Ministry of FinanceTraining of Accounts Personal on e-Pems (1st batch of 2nd Phase)02-06 Mar 202046
52Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI)Impact study of COVID-19 on private sector2020-05-2520
53Ministry of Finance, Department of National PropertiesTraining on electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) System15-17 Jun 202027
54Ministry of HealthAwareness conference/training on COVID-19 for Schools and Institutions2020-07-1079
55MOLHRBudgeting Apportionment & Budgetary Release Forecast13- 14 Jul 202017
56NCWCGBV for frontier workers16-17 Jul 202028
57Ministry of FinanceGST Rules & Regulation13-24 Jul 202021
58DDCDzongkha Competency Training27-1 Aug 202021
59DOA, MoFA Thimphu7th Project steering Committee Meeting10-12 Oct 202020
60NLCSLand Administration & Management & QGIS Training (1st Batch)3-10 Mar 202160
61NLCSLand Administration & Management & QGIS Training (2nd Batch)12-19 Mar 202160
62NLCSLand Administration & Management & QGIS Training (3rd Batch)60
63NLCSLand Administration & Management & QGIS Training (4th Batch)60
64NLCSLand Administration & Management & QGIS Training (5th Batch)60
65Dzongkhag Administration, ZhemgangGAOs retreat Program 19-22 April 20218
66Royal Institute for Governance and Strategic StudiesSchool Leaders Development Programme (SLDP-1)30 May-14 June 202125
67Royal Institute for Governance and Strategic StudiesSchool Leaders Development Programme (SLDP-2)27 June-12 July 202130
68Royal Institute for Governance and Strategic StudiesSchool Leaders Development Programme (SLDP-3)25 July-9 Aug 202130
69Royal Institute for Governance and Strategic StudiesSchool Leaders Development Programme (SLDP-4)15-30 Aug 202130