The Professional Development Centre is equipped with a outdoor Basketball court,  a Badminton court, Table Tennis, an Archery Range, a Chorten, a Volleyball Ground, a Cycling track,  two Canopies and a natural lake.

About the Chorten

The chorten is believed to have been constructed in ‘Lha-Yul Gaden’ when a unique son of God was predicted to die in a week. The Sangay then commanded that the chorten by the name ‘Drimey Nam-Nye’ be constructed to save him and it is believed that the son still lives today. It is said that the chorten is so sacred that the sight of it and being within the shadow of the chorten would liberate sentient beings from sufferings of lower realms. The merits of constructing such a chorten is immeasurable and all the sentient beings residing within the vicinity will accumulate immense merits.

Basketball Court
Canopy 1 Archery range
Natural Lake

Canopy 2