RCSC: Bhavana-Karma Retreat

The Mindfulness Retreat Program for 28 senior civil servants began from 18th November at the RAA’s Professional Development Centre, Tsirang.

The main objective of this five-day retreat program is to cultivate and harness the qualities of mindfulness based emotional intelligence in the civil service. It is based on the method of Bhavana Karma, the first stage of meditation. Given its benefits and the valuable feedback received from the participants of the earlier retreat, the RCSC strives to ensure that all interested civil servants are able to attend the retreat at least once in their entire service. Continue reading “RCSC: Bhavana-Karma Retreat”

Capacity Development Training on IT Audit

Recognizing the role of Information Technology in a fast changing world, a three-day capacity development training on IT Audit for 26 auditors started today at the Professional Development Centre, Tsirang. The Program Director graced the opening of the training and reminded the participants to make best use of the resource persons to take away adequate knowledge and skills to enhance professionalism. Continue reading “Capacity Development Training on IT Audit”

5th Biennial Health Conference

The 5th Biennial Health Conference (BHC) of the Ministry of Health scheduled from 17th to 19th September 2019 started at the Professional Development Centre in Tsirang. The theme of the conference is ‘Enhancing Integrated People-Centered Health Services’. The theme demonstrates the Ministry of Health’s call to move away from hospital-based and disease-based curative care models to a model where people and communities are at the center of health services. Continue reading “5th Biennial Health Conference”

Capacity Development Training on Construction Audit

Capacity development training on Construction Audits started today at the Professional Development Centre, Tsirang. The Hon’ble Dasho Auditor General using Google Hangouts (online address) reminded the participants on the importance of construction audit and urged to make best use of the opportunities and resources made available. Continue reading “Capacity Development Training on Construction Audit”